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Water Line Repair and Service in the Lower Mainland

A damaged water line can turn your life upside down with wet areas in the lawn, reduced water pressure, and high water bills. Mineral buildup, seismic events, freezing-and-thawing, high water pressure, and general deterioration can impact your water line, causing serious damage or broken lines. Reduced water pressure and water discoloration could be potential warning signals for maintenance. Calling a professional plumber at the right time can save you from heavy damages in the future. 

We offer you high-quality water line repair by certified plumbers who get the work done right the first time. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing experts are available to serve you any time of the day, throughout the week.

Signs of a Damaged Water Line

Look for these obvious signs of a broken pipe:

Areas of your yard stay damp and mushy

Your water bill is consistently higher than normal

Your water meter moves even when you shut off the water valve inside your home

Well-Trained Professionals for Water Line Repair

Before starting the repair work at any site, we perform an in-depth assessment of your problem. Our professionals use a plumbing video camera system that helps them to accurately pinpoint the cause and location of the plumbing issue. It also helps to repair the underground water line with minimal impact on your lawn. Our licensed plumbing experts communicate openly and honestly with you to provide the most efficient services possible.

Call One Stop Rooter Plumbing for maintenance of a damaged water line.

No Dig Water Main Replacement

We can install a new pipe right inside the old one without digging up your lawn.

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