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Serving the Lower Mainland Area With Drain Cleaning Services

When the drains at your home or business run slowly or stop working, call One Stop Rooter Plumbing. We specialize in both residential and commercial drain cleaning services and serve the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas.

Clearing clogged drains is one of our most common repair services. Even if a drain is not completely blocked, serious problems may occur. If the water isn’t flowing freely, this minor clog can still affect your pipes and begin a harmful buildup of debris.

Services We Offer 

If the drain in your bathroom, kitchen , or bathtub has any sort of blockage, it usually displays warning signs of a problem. Look out for puddles of water near fixtures or foul odours coming from the drain. Water may also make a gurgling noise as it drains or can make a pool. Contact us when you see any of these signs.

kitchen drain cleaning
Kitchen Drain Cleaning

When grease, soaps, fats, and detergents build up in pipes, your kitchen drains can become clogged. Don’t try to fix that mess yourself when we are here to help you! Being well equipped with the latest in plumbing technology and possessing the required skills, you can expect us to complete the job effectively.

bathroom sink drain cleaning
Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

From soap scum and hair to toothpaste and beauty products, many substances can build up with time and lead to a clogged bathroom sink drain. Our plumbing contractors carry all the tools required to unclog your bathroom drains. With the help of a camera inspection, we can quickly identify the problem in your clogged drain and fix it.

white drain
Bathtub Drain Cleaning

A clogged bathtub drain can lead to major plumbing issues in the future. During drain cleaning, we will ensure you don’t experience backup and expensive repairs after the job is done. Call us today for an estimate or senior discounts on our services.


Day or Night, We Fix it Right

For all your emergency plumbing needs, we are here to help you.

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