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Garburator Installation and Repair Services in the Lower Mainland Area

The professionals at One Stop Rooter Plumbing can help you with a slow-running, smelly, and clogged garburator. Our team of experienced professionals is quick and efficient and can get you back to a functional sink in no time. 

A garburator can make your life easy by collecting food waste from your dishes and shredding it into small pieces so that it can easily pass through your pipes to the municipality’s sewer system. It is installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and trap. When such a life-saving machine is clogged, life comes to a standstill and you need a well-trained professional to get it going again.

Taking Care of the Disposal Unit

A lot of foods can damage your disposal unit. Thus, you have to be a little cautious while disposing of your food waste.  You should avoid putting these food items in the disposal unit:


Fibrous foods

Starchy food

Coffee grounds

Fruit pits, seeds, and apple cores



You can figure out a faulty garburator on your own. Just try looking for one of these signs:

Machine making unusual noises or making no noise at all

Slow-moving drains where the disposal is installed

Unpleasant odours coming from the unit

Foreign objects stuck in the garburator blades

Overflowing device or leaks in the sink or pipes

If you are unable to figure out the problem on your own, call us for a quick assessment .

Upgrade or Repair?

Any machine that is more than 5 years old needs to be evaluated regularly for maintenance. More often, upgrading to a newer machine is the most feasible option as it offers more efficiency in energy usage and quieter operation.  Moreover, upgrading to a newer version can save you the money spent on periodic repairs. We can help you decide the best option to suit your needs.

Working Garburator in No Time

We can help you repair your old garburator or can install a new one for you, efficiently and quickly.

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