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Reliable Sewer Pump Installation in the Lower Mainland Area

If your basement is flooding with water, a faulty sump pump could be the most probable reason. Sump pumps are used to reduce flooding from overflowing water and to re-route water away from the lowest point of your home's foundation. 

We offer you licenced, insured, and experienced professionals for installations and repairs of your sump pumps. Our trained plumbers can help you identify whether you need a new drainage installation or a repair would be enough. The professionals at One Stop Rooter Plumbing are trained in local and municipal codes, making sure that your system is fully compliant and capable of passing rigorous inspections. We are a hardworking team of individuals who are focused on delivering long-lasting and effective solutions to our clients.

Types of sump pumps:

Pedestal This type of sump pump is mounted above the sump pit to provide convenient access for service and periodic testing.

Submersible This type of sump pump is installed inside the sump pit and is well out of sight

Most sump pumps come with battery backup power so that a power failure during a storm does not affect its functioning. You can also call us to help you with the installation of a sump pump battery backup. It is important that your sump pump is equipped with a water level alarm to avoid potential flooding. 

We Are Ready to Roll Up Our Sleeves

Whether you need help with a leaky faucet or a toilet that won’t stop running, we are here.

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